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International MoneyRemittance
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AML Compliance

As an authorised and regulated Money Service Business, we are obligated by applicable laws in the jurisdictions we operate in (originate and terminate) to collect relevant Know Your Customer (KYC) information. This is required in order the to comply with Anti – Money Laundering legislation, and the to prevent and combat financial crime.

As such, any customer intending to use our money remittance services will be required to submit relevant and valid identification documents at the point of signing up. These include (as a minimum):

Verifiable Email Address
Official Identification Document
Verifiable Contact Phone Number
Proof of Address (no older than 3 months)
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You can send money to dozens of countries Africa
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United Kingdom
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Easy Remit; Easy Receive

  • Register for an account
    Enter amount you wish to send
  • Select Recipient
    Choose existing recipient or add new recipient
  • Select payment method and make payment
    You beneficiary can receive funds within minutes.

Become a remittance partner with HVN Remit Today

HVN Remit is a fast growing international remittance services. If your organisation wants to be part of this journey, contact us today. We offer two types of partnership opportunities, and of course you can choose both:

1. Origination Partners.
2. Pay-Out Partners.
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Use our Service with Confidence
Data Security We are committed to security of your data and personal information
Fully licenced, authorised and regulated. We are regulated by FCA (UK), supervised by NMLS (USA) and Supervised by HMRC for Anti-Money Laundering Compliance.
3-D & SSL secure payments processing Pay with confidence and be rest assured that all transactions are handled over secure connections.
2-Way authentication Security with one-time password authentication for extra peace of mind.
Bank Account Deposits
Deposit directly to your designated ban
Cash Pickup
Pick cash from 1000s of locations
Mobile money
Mobile wallet supported transfers
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