At HV Money Transfer, we are rapidly expanding our corridors of coverage and our partnership network across the world. These are very exciting times to be an HV Money Transfer partner. You can join our expanding global partner network and write this story with us. We offer the opportunity to do just that, as either an:

  1. Origination Partner
  2. Pay Out Partner.
  3. Or both (originate and pay out)

The Origination Partnership(OP) enables you to provide remittance services from the U.K and U.S.A under our licences, where we are authorised and regulated as a Small Payment Institution (816646) and Money Service Business (550-MT123563) respectively. You can operate a remittance business to most countries under our OP. See below for the features of our OP.

Our Pay-Out Partnership(POP) enables you to pay out transactions behalf of HV Money Transfer and its partner, for transactions originating from U.K and U.S.A. You can link to our fully automated money transfer platform or through API integration to your own platform. See the features of our POP.

Integrated Origination Partner Option:

  1. Operate under our U.K & U.S.A remittance licenses.
  2. Originate transactions in your company’s name/ website/ mobile app.
  3. Link to our fully automated money transfer platform (subscription based).
  4. Access to our payment processing and accounts services.
  5. Full access to our termination partner networks across the world.
  6. We will originate and process transactions on your behalf (at no extra cost) through our channels for more volume and reach.
  7. Centralised, full Compliance support.
  8. Anti-Money Laundering Training (to be funded by partner).
  9. Requires pre-funding of transactions.

Our Pay Out Partner Option:

  1. Receive and pay out transactions originating in USD and GBP to your country destinations of choice.
  2. Operates on pay-out and then settlement basis (not pre-funding).
  3. Access to our fully automated platform or API to your platform.
  4. Payment processing and bank account services.
  5. Full compliance support services.
  6. Anti-Money Laundering Training.

Interested in joining our partner network? Please complete the form below are we will be in touch to start the process.