How long does it take to transfer my funds to The Gambia?

We make pay-outs instantly. Transfers to personal bank accounts in the Gambia are processed within the same day on a weekday. Bank transfers done on weekends or public holidays in The Gambia, will be processed on the next working weekday

How long do I have to wait before my Money is Collected?

For cash pick-ups, your recipient can collect the funds instantly, once they present their PCN number and the relevant identification documents and / or pass the set security questions. Excluding Public Holidays, office hours of our pau-out partners are as follows: Mon-Friday (9am-6pm) Saturdays (9am -3pm)

Is there any guarantee for my money?

Yes!!!! Your money is absolutely guaranteed. Huveane Capital Ltd is LICENSED and REGULATED by the U.K Financial Conducts Authority (FCA). This means that we are required to periodically provide operational information, and to fully comply with all the relevant legislation and regulations governing financial institutions in the UK. We are also a member of the… Continue reading Is there any guarantee for my money?

Why Are Your Rate Competitive?

We offer highly competitive rates, with one of the lowest commission rates / fees in the remittances space. At HVN Remit Money Transfer, our business is underscored by a drive for sustainable margins. Our focus on a low operating cost base means that our customers enjoys highly efficient services at lower costs. Why? Because our… Continue reading Why Are Your Rate Competitive?