I. Huveane Capital Ltd. operates a website (the Website) to assist you with money transfer using a device connected to the Internet.

2. Huveane Capital Ltd. is a company incorporated and licensed under the laws of the United Kingdom, (company number 10789114) engaged in the business of funds remittance with its
Head Office located at 15 Salamanca Place, London, IG11 0RU, United Kingdom.

3. Huveane Capital Ltd. is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority bearing FRN 816646 and HMRC bearing AMLS 18975243.

4. Please contact us by using any of the following means:

By Post: 15 Salamanca Place, London, IG11 0RU, United Kingdom. United Kingdom.

Email using the email address: [email protected].

Website: www.huveane.com


At our absolute discretion, we may refuse, suspend or cancel any of your Transaction Request at any time. Please read the following to understand when this may happen.

I. If we believe and find that the Huveane Capital system has been used for any sort of illegal purpose by you or your receiver who are registered into our system.

2. If you or your receiver of the transaction is found anywhere in the government issued prohibited/sanctioned lists; the lists may have been produced locally or internationally.

3 If we believe and find that the funding of the transaction has been made from an illegitimate source or from any payment institution that has fallen under government prohibited/sanctioned list.

4. If we believe or find that the fund paid by you is fraudulent.

5. If we believe or find that you are using the Service to purchase goods or services from third parties you do not know or trust.

6. If we believe or find that:

(a) Your identity cannot be verified;
(b) The identity of the receiver cannot be verified;
(c) You do not comply with these terms and conditions.

7. If we believe or find that you have used the system or our service to hide your identity; in such circumstance, Huveane Capital Ltd. will suspend your account temporarily or permanently; depending on the severity of the investigation.

8. If we take measures to Refuse, Suspend or Cancel your transaction request, Huveane Capital Ltd. will retain the service fee.


I. As we process every Transaction Request according to the Money & Payment Services Rules and Regulations, once you submit a request to us to execute, you cannot cancel or revoke the request. We shall try to cancel or recall your request and if your cancellation or refund request is successful, Huveane Capital will normally refund your money, less any charges if incurred, within four (4) Business Days.

2.  At Your absolute discretion, you can cancel Transaction Request(s) and request for the refund of the amount paid. Please read the following to understand when this may happen. If you:
a. have any problems using the Service, or
b. are aware of any unauthorised or incorrectly executed Transactions;

3. If you become aware of any unauthorised or incorrectly submitted Transaction, you must request for a refund in writing (including by email); please see the contact detail at the bottom of these Terms and Conditions. When requesting the refund, you will provide the following information/detail accurately; both your and your receiver’s.

(a) Full name
(b) Address
(c) Phone number
(d) PCN: Transaction Reference number
(e) Transaction Amount, and
(f) The reason for your refund request.

4. If you make and submit a Transaction request with any incorrect information/detail, Huveane Capital Ltd. will not be liable to approve your request for the refund. We will, however, make reasonable efforts to recover the funds. We may charge you a reasonable fee, if or if not successful in doing so.

5. Your refund request will be approved immediately if your Transaction request is executed wrongfully by us or any of our approved third parties. However, if any loss is incurred in doing so, Huveane Capital will inform you immediately and such loss will not affect your refund request.

6. All refunds will be paid back to the same payment instrument that you used to pay for the transaction.